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Before you call anyone, understand what you are looking for:

Know what areas you are looking to heat

It seems obvious, but many people are unsure – and for good reason! As an example, often we find homes where a main living area is not used in the winter as it is too cold. People live in the dining room or kitchen space as it is smaller to heat, so naturally they ask for a heat pump in that space. Heat pumps can have large capacities to heat bigger spaces for less. We find that heat pumps, and most of all, ducted heat pumps, completely change the way people use their rooms. It is worth it to think about this first but if in doubt, ask your Hothouse consultant for some guidance.

Know what heat pumps and other heating devices can actually do

Not all heating devices can achieve what you may want them to. An electric convection heater won’t heat your entire home sitting in the study, and a log burner won’t warm up that south facing bedroom in July. Heat pumps are the same. A typical wall mounted, or floor mounted heat pump is designed to look after one room or an open plan area. Whole house solutions are available through ducted heat pump systems or multiple heat pump systems (the Multi). If you would like some advice, just give Hothouse a call and be assured that our assessors will never over promise on what our endorsed products can achieve, so you can trust us to provide the right sized solution for you. That’s why we offer a Hothouse performance guarantee with every install.

Know if the area you are wanting to heat is insulated

It is wise to invest in insulating the house now to keep all that good heat your new heat pump is creating inside. Remember that your heat pump consultant will size the unit for the space based on what insulation you currently have, so if you have none, you may get a bigger unit than if you are well insulated (a larger capacity unit is more expensive to buy and costlier to run).

Choose the right product:

Something Energy efficient and green

This is one of the main advantages of heat pumps. They re up to 4 times more efficient than electric heating and have a very small carbon footprint, so you’ll be saving the world as well as your pay-packet. To get the best, make sure you select Energy Star rated heat pumps. Our range of heat pumps have a large selection of energy star units available.

Buy a product that is supported in New Zealand

There are many heat pump makes available in New Zealand, but there are only a few that have the infrastructure, and after sales & technical support that provides real peace of mind. Hothouse offers Daikin & Fujitsu heat pumps first because of their excellent reputation, build quality, and efficiency. But most importantly, we have a direct relationship with their Wellington offices for any technical, stock, or warranty requirements.

Choose the right company:

How do I know they have picked the right unit for me?

Hothouse will always provide a unit sizing report to make sure the heat pump is the right size. Too many people are confused by the range of different sized units they are quoted on, so rest assured a report from Hothouse will guarantee you are getting the right sized unit for the job every time

Will the Heat Pump be located in the right place?

Location, Location, Location! Location equals comfort so it is very important. To get the right location for you, consultants need to listen to the customer, understand your requirements and then apply the experience and knowledge of the product and the trade to make sure you get the right locations. Hothouse consultants are all trained and experienced and use a very detailed Assessment Form to ensure correct placement. This is our blueprint for installation and cannot be changed without your authorisation.

Can the company you buy the heat pump from look after it, and you, once they have put it in?

This should be one of the most important criteria in selecting a company. Many organisations sell heat pumps but how many can provide any after sales support? The answer is not many. Most installers have little understanding of the electronics inside, which is fair enough as they are installers, not service technicians. Heat pumps are very reliable but also highly sophisticated machines. Not many people try and fix their own cars any more as they are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the same applies to heat pumps. Hothouse have fully trained service technicians to complete any work your unit may need during the warranty period. We can usually resolve any operational issues over the phone as well and cover all your routine maintenance needs.

Make sure you get value for money

Value is not always the lowest price, it includes good service and support for the life of your new investment. Be sure to get the service and support you deserve.

Recognise the cheeky sales tricks

Some classic sales techniques to get the sale without the service you deserve:

  • Quoting a unit that is too small, thus making it the cheapest price. The only problem is that the heat pump won’t work when it’s cold outside!
  • Offering to install the indoor unit only on an outside wall, or only offering a back to back option – why? – because it’s the easiest installation, but it may not be your best option for the all-important location
  • Quoting a single unit to heat your whole house – Over promising leads to disappointment
  • Talking down other brands – The reality is there is virtually no difference in the top tier heat pump brands when it comes to noise, reliability or efficiency – the major difference is the warranty support from the manufacturer and the company that supplies it, installs it and services it

Look out for the Energy Star logo
when selecting an energy efficient and green heat pump